During a video interview with XXL Magazine rapper Lloyd Banks revealed that he may be appearing on a G.O.O.D. Friday track that also features fellow rapper Nas.

“The record I had did for Kanye, he was saying he was putting Nas on it, so you may be seeing that in the future,” said Banks during the Ustream interview.

In the past Nas has had issues with certain members of G-Unit (and vice versa) with both sides releasing various diss tracks against the other.

While Kanye West is working with a variety of artists to put the finishing touches on his album there’s one artist who has already heard the entire album.

“I rapped my entire new album for him [Lil Wayne],” West explained to Rolling Stone. “Like, ‘Do you want [me] to rewind?’”

While at Riker’s Island Lil Wayne has seen a number of celebrity guests, so much so that his manager Cortez Bryant said there have been days when Lil Wayne told him to visit on another day because of the amount of guests.

“Sometimes he has so many guests he tells me to come back another day,” said Bryant. 

It’s still unclear when the rest of the world will be able to listen to West’s upcoming album in full.