Jacksonville’s Fox affiliate, WAWS 30, reports that a local man named Jeremis Soriano may press charges after claiming he and his female friend were pushed by Drake and later punched by his bodyguard during a concert Thursday.

“Before I got to say his name, he hit me in the mouth and I fell back,” Soriano told Fox Action News.

Soriano’s un-named friend told reporters she tried to get close to the platinum-selling rapper to congratulate him on his success, when she was allegedly pushed away. Soriano claims Drake’s bodyguard punched him in the mouth after trying to intervene on her behalf. According to WAWS, Soriano was admitted to Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville where received six stitches in his mouth.

Soriano’s companion added that Drake made obscene gestures and comments at the pair as he rode off in his tour bus. There has been no public response from Drake or his representatives, and at press time, Soriano says he will press charges and seek legal council.