As MTV premiered its new show, The Seven, the day’s guest, Drake, was surprised by a phone call from Lil Wayne. Weezy, who is currently serving time in prison, phoned in from Rikers Island to speak with his Young Money star and to share some news about his latest effort, I Am Not a Human Being, an EP that was released in digital form earlier this week. 

“The album was totally fun, because I love recording,” he said in the MTV News interview. “That’s what I love to do next to breathing, so I made sure I had some material before I came in here to release while I was in here.”

Wayne also went on to speak about the mail he gets while in prison, noting that while he does read fan mail, he doesn’t get to all of the letters that come in. 

“When I read those letters, that fan mail, and see what they say about what my music does for them, and how it helped them through situations … to read that, that makes me take my words and my whole outlook on what I’m doing a lot more seriously,” said the multi-platinum Rap veteran.

“I probably get 150 pieces of mail [a day], and I probably read a good 30 each day. I get to keep [the letters], I send ’em home. If I keep ’em in the cell, they say it’s a fire hazard. Honestly, I await the mail every day.”

Wayne is set to be released from prison in early November.