Much like the supposed marriage between Drake and Nicki Minaj, it looks as though the beef between G-Unit members 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks can be chalked up to nothing more than a prank.

Fans were shocked to see 50 Cent recently calling out Lloyd Banks over Twitter for allegedly not wanting Eminem to be on his next album, Hunger For More 2.

The “beef” came to a head when a video was posted of Banks being confronted by Eminem and 50 Cent, where the two superstar rappers questioned Banks about not wanting Em on his project.

“So Fif had mentioned to me that he wanted me to jump on your record or whatever and I got a little bit of down time coming up this week when this is all done,” says Shady to Banks in the video (watch below). “But I guess [manager] Paul [Rosenberg]  had reached out or whatever to see if you wanted me to be on the record, and he said you weren’t sure if you wanted to have me on the record or whatever.”

Banks began to deny Eminem’s assertion, but before he could continue, 50 jumped into the fray. “Man, this shit is getting crazy. I’m gonna be straight up with you, all right? I think this shit is getting a little funny between me, you and [Tony] Yayo  and everything else that’s going on, because look at how crazy it is actually getting him to rap on your record, and I don’t understand what’s going on anymore. I don’t know; when I talked to Paul, Paul pulled me to the side and he’s talking to me like, ‘Yo, what’s going on? Why you don’t want Em? Are you kidding me? He’s the biggest rapper, you can’t get any bigger.'”

At the height of the tension, Eminem interrupted, saying, “well maybe this is pretty big right here,” pulling out a plaque commemorating the success of Banks’ single, “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.” It was then revealed to Banks that the “confrontation” was being filmed the entire time.