Former collaborators Wale and Kid Cudi aren’t likely to appear on any tracks together any time soon, as the two emcees have been taking both subliminal and overt shots at each other. Things came to a head when Cudi took to Complex magazine to address a punchline from Wale’s “Thank You Frestyle,” which referenced a fan throwing a wallet at Cudi onstage.

Wale originally responded to Cudi calling him a “simple ass rapper” via Twitter, with a reference to Cudi’s June drug arrest. But, based on a recent interview with DJ Drama, cooler heads have prevailed.

niggas lettin that liquid cocaine get to them…..lets go thenless than a minute ago via web

“Nine out of ten rappers wouldn’t take that as a diss,” Wale told DJ Drama. “Sometimes I’m in King of Diamonds, and I like to throw my wallet around. It’s just a line, and it was all in good fun. But as I’m growing as a man and as an artist, I see what you’ve gotta do, how you’ve got to carry yourself, and why you keep your circle small.”

Wale, who is currently enjoying positive responses to his More About Nothing mixtape and his appearance on Waka Flocka Flame’s “No Hands” also waved off claims that he went out of his way to secure beats from Kanye West only to be denied.

“It’s obviously something behind it,”  “Ye’s a good dude or whatever, but I don’t recall making too much of an effort to work with anybody. I’m signed to RocNation and they’re great producers.”