Close to a year and a half after her music video was banned from MTVU, the video for Invincible’s “Ropes” has finally aired on the network.

The music video for “Ropes,” which takes a look at suicide and depression, was initially given the okay by MTV but was later rejected by MTV’s Standards Department because of the sensitive content of the video.

“I never requested for my listeners to write letters to MTV,” said Invincible in a statement. “In fact, my work is focused on creating community-run independent media outlets, not spending that energy placing demands on mainstream corporate-owned entities, but I still think both approaches are useful at different times. ‘Ropes’ getting aired is a powerful example of how people were able to come together and put pressure on a multinational corporate media outlet to be held accountable to its viewers.”

Invincible was able to lift the ban on the music video thanks to the help of fans and Half Of Us, a project sponsored by MTV that aims to tackle mental health issues on college campuses.

“The video being denied by MTV in the first place opened up an overdue dialogue online about mental health in the hip-hop community and beyond, and showed how taboo the subject is, which is why many people are still facing it in secrecy and silence,” said Invincible. “I hope “Ropes” being shown on mtvU continues to spark that conversation and lifts the burden of shame associated with these issues.”