After his MTV Video Music Awards performances last night, The New York Post has published a new interview with the Detroit, Michigan Hip Hop superstar. The newspaper asked Eminem about the affects of his pain-killer habit on making the Encore and Relapse, albums. Speaking specifically to the 2009 platinum Relapse, Eminem revealed, “There was definitely a lapse in personal honesty on Relapse, and there’s honesty on Recovery.” The latter is Eminem’s top-selling 2010 album.

Additionally, the emcee/producer veteran spoke about his reaction to Relapse now, the album that prompted hits such as “We Made You” and “Beautiful.” “When I felt [disappointment in Relapse] was later, when I was reassessing my work — trying to figure out why my songs didn’t sound like they used to sound,” explained Em. ‘The further I got away from Relapse, I was able to hear the problems with all the accents I was using to slip in and out of characters, and how the serial killing didn’t work. The joke was over — I ran it into the ground.”