Nicki Minaj recently chopped it up DJ Drama on his Hot 107.9 radio show. During the 15 minute phone interview, the two discussed a variety of subjects from female emcees to her recent critically acclaimed appearance alongside Kanye West, Rick Ross and Jay-Z on the song “Monster“. Minaj said that she is thrilled to have been a part of such a massive collaboration, let alone the amount praise she received for her verse.

“I haven’t even counted the damn bars [on my ‘Monster’ verse],” she said. “It might’ve been about 32 [bars]…[I recorded it] about four or five months ago. I don’t know if anybody was coming at my head [at the time], I just had a lot to say…I just feel blessed to be on a song with two living legends Jay[-Z] and Kanye [West] are both icons, and I never in a billion years would’ve thought that I would’ve not only been on a song with one of them but both them. I’m happy that people think I murdered the record. It just feels exciting to have been a part of that collab[oration].”

The breakout star also discussed rumors that she and fellow Young Money emcee Drake recently tied the knot. She said that she and Drake are not actually married, but were simply causing some mischief.

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“Drake is just my little brother, and I kid with him all the time, that’s all,” she said. “We were just being crazy, and I think we were a little bit bored…we were just being mischievous…every day, I see things written about me that aren’t true. I kind of wanted to give the blogs a little bit of payback and put my own story out.”  

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DJ Drama Interviews Nicki Minaj by Rap-Up