G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc is no longer allowed to come near an apartment complex in his hometown of Colton, California, reports the Associated Press.

Despite his argument that his affiliation with the Colton City Crips was just for show, a judge ruled that the rapper is subject to a 2008 gang injunction barring him from the complex, where he was accused of loitering with other gang members as they packaged and sold drugs at the Arbor Terrace Apartments.

The courtroom testimony came courtesy of three police officers, who agreed on Glocc’s – real name Lawrence White – status as a member of the gang.

Aside from his involvement in G-Unit, 40 Glocc is perhaps best known for an infamous video in which he, Spider Loc and Village Boo supposedly surrounded Lil Wayne in a vehicle and harassed him about his Blood affiliation.