With a 21-album discography, music has been an enormous part of Pastor Troy’s life. Now, the “Throw It Up” rapper is parlaying his recordings into a licensing deal with ESPN.

“I messed around with ESPN for football season for the show NFL Live,” revealed Troy in an interview with OzoneMag.com. “We got some licensing deals and stuff like that and that shit is stoopid! I’m just getting into all these endorsement deals and stuff, because rap is so big now you just gotta find your niche and keep grindin’ it out. That ESPN joint opened up a lot of doors though. So when you watchin’ Sportscenter and you hear that ‘Murder Man,’ don’t think your TV goin’ crazy, baby! It’s me!”

Pastor Troy revealed that he feels more at home with the sports industry than the Hip Hop world. “…I’m more into the sports industry than I am in the music industry. I ain’t got a lot of music industry friends, I got a lot of sports industry friends, so just hookin’ up with those boys we kickin’, trying to blow this shit out of proportion.”

Pastor Troy’s latest release, King of All Kings, is in stores now.