In an interview with Vlad TV, G-Unit member Tony Yayo explained that former G-Unit artist Young Buck has no money and on top of that Yayo explained that Buck also has a gag order placed on him.

“Ah man, we got a gag order on that nigga,” Yayo explained. “If it ain’t about no money, nigga don’t even got no jewelry, man, get some new jewelry and then talk about me man. You know? Everything upgraded. I’m trying to figure out what to get, the four-door Porsche or the new Jag.”

In recent interviews, Yayo went on to explain that responding to Young Buck’s various G-Unit disses isn’t worth his time.

Buck severed his ties with G-Unit back in 2008 to become a solo artist on the label. Shortly after leaving the group Buck left the label completely.

Next month on September 7 Buck will be releasing his latest project entitled The Rehab.