Although Kanye West hasn’t revealed what his next album will be called, he has told fans what it won’t be.

“The album is no longer called ‘Good Ass Job,’ ” explained West via his Twitter account (@kanyewest). “I’m bouncing a couple of titles around now.”

West, who joined Twitter just last week (@KanyeWest), has been garnering a lot of attention with his tweets. The newest incarnation comes in the form of New Yorker cartoons, as comedic musical duo Paul and Storm have placed Kanye’s tweets underneath the popular sketches.

“Yes, it’s true: Paul created the #kanyenewyorkertweets Twitter hashtag meme,” wrote the duo on their website. “We’re seriously thinking about changing the name of our act to The Meme Brothers.”

Fans interested in seeing future Kanye tweets New Yorker-ized can follow @kanyenewyorkertweets.