In a recent interview with HipHopDX, remaining founding Slum Village member T3 spoke avidly about the creation of the group’s supposed last album Villa Manifesto. However, noticeably absent was the voice of rapper Elzhi, who at this point has yet to join T3 and producer Young RJ on their promotional run for the new project.

Likewise silent on his future involvement with the group, Elzhi has finally revealed the conditions under which his separation took place.

Explaining that Slum Village management and RJ Rice, founder of SV’s longtime label Barak Records held a personal gripe when he hired his own manager, Elzhi told, “They just couldn’t take the fact that I had new management, and just from that as far as I could tell, they overreacted and it got to the point where we was all on a conference call and my new management asked to see the paper work and the contract from E1 and RJ Rice ain’t wanna show it.”

The Detroit emcee went on to state that disagreements between the two camps led to his contributions on the album being cut in half. In the thick of this predicament, Elzhi says T3 has yet to dispel any notion that he wasn’t directly involved in the separation process. “[T3’s] tellin’ me that’s not his direction, that that’s RJ’s direction, but I mean from this point I can’t tell.”

You can read the full interview here.