Queens producer Ayatollah has been one of the front-runners for the instrumental Hip Hop movement. Between producing songs for Ghostface Killah, Mos Def and R.A. The Rugged Man, the onetime Marley Marl protege has released a handful of albums of beats, loops and various instrumental compositions.

Ayatollah’s longtime label, Nature Sounds, announced today that they are packaging a 3CD set, Live From The MPC60. The release takes its name from the Akai sampler favored by Ayatollah. “I want to give more to the world,” he explained in a statement.  “I’ve been sitting on a lot of material. I wanted to get it out at all costs.” At over 150 minutes of music, the discs are split into three volumes: Drum Machine, Quixotic and The Cocoon respectively.

The full tracklist is below:

Disc 1
1. Tollah Intro
2. Everywhere
3. In Orbit
4. I Gotta Rock
5. Uncivilized
6. Inside Of Him
7. Let Jah Be Praised
8. Supersonic
9. The Best Thing
10. I Love The Way You Love Me
11. Mass Transit
12. Brolic
13. Natty
14. Ayatollah’s Revenge
15. Take It Slow
16. Can’t Get Away
17. Inspekta
18. The Chase Scene
19. Future Funk
20. Hear
21. Frankenstein

Disc 2
1. The Star Of The Show
2. Harder They Come
3. Mantra
4. From Within
5. The Kids Are Crying Over You
6. Let Em Know
7. Change
8. Gods Animals
9. Livin In A Dream World
10. Cant Knock The Hustle “Pt. 2”
11. I Can’t Make It Alone (ft. Maximil Of Regime Change)
12. The Rhyme Writers
13. Hello
14. How Can We Lose
15. When You Get Right Down To It
16. Superpeople
17. Take Me Higher
18. A Word From Derek (ft. Sadat X)
19. Quest For Fire
20. Fallin Love
21. Inside Out
22. Them Summer Days
23. Angkor Wat
24. Reflections
25. Hope Of Deliverance
26. Tollahmania
27. Heavy Traffic

Disc 3
1. Gordon’s War
2. Casino
3. Getting To Know Me
4. Dig This
5. The Writers Bench (149 Street Grand Concourse, Bronx NY)
6. Bubble
7. Soul Power
8. WOW
9. Heaven Can’t Wait
10. Reefer
11. Lonely Girl
12. Rhyme Amazing
13. Growth
14. It
15. Black Ivory
16. You And I
17. When Tomorrow Comes
18. How Ya’ll Feel Out There