Rick Ross isn’t the only one with grandiose plans for future collaborations, as DJ Khaled has voiced his hopes to work with Eminem.

In speaking with VIBE magazine, the Terror Squad deejay spoke at great lengths about how a collaboration between him and the Detroit lyricist would sound. “When I do get in the studio with him, I promise you, we gon’ make something so fucking crazy. I’m telling Eminem right now, if we get in the studio I know that I’m going to get the best out of Eminem, and he’s going to write the most incredible verse that he’s ever written in his life, and it’s going to be the biggest fucking anthem in the streets and it’s going to be the biggest anthem when we get together, and I know this for a fact, and God willing, it’s going to happen.”

Khaled indicated that the track would be much like his other well-knwon songs: a high-profile track comprised of a veritable who’s who of Hip Hop artists. “I already have some people in mind, that’s something I want to discuss with him first. It’s definitely going to be a collabo track, but it’s going to be the great ones. But the thing is, I just gotta get with Em. I just gotta get with Em in the studio to present the concept and then from there, he’s going to say, ‘Khaled, turn the mic on.’ And I’m going to say, ‘Of course I am.'”

Khaled added, “It’s going to be anthematic. It’s going to be the biggest anthem in the world. I’ma find a way, don’t worry.”