DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons is officially moving past the rapper and on to bigger things. reports that Simmons has both a reality television show and a memoir in the works.

Simmons’ reality show, which has yet to be picked up by a network, will focus on how the family has dealt with DMX’s various legal and drug issues. The show will be titled Tashera Simmons….Life After X.

As far as Simmons’ memoir is concerned it will be co-authored by Aliya S. King and will detail Simmons’ life from childhood to adulthood. The memoir will of course touch on her relationship with DMX.

“I think reading my book, it explains everything,” Simmons explained to “I’m talking about everything, from my childhood when I was abandoned by my mother and left to take care of my siblings, to when me and Earl (DMX) first met at 11 and we got together at 18 and I’m starting from there until then on…It’s a positive tell all.”

There is no word yet on when Simmons’ memoir is expected to be released.