Clipse and Re-Up Gang member Pusha T may have cleverly let loose notice that he has sigend to G.O.O.D. Music.

In an interview with MTV News, Pusha was asked about the release of his solo mixtape, Fear Of God. In discussing the fact that the mixtape was dropping on September 14 – the same day G.O.O.D. Music artists Kanye West, Consequence, Kid Cudi and Big Sean are reported to be dropping their albums – Push explained, “That’s just a good day.”

“A great day for music, but it’s a ‘good’ day,” explained Pusha, making sure to repeat the word “good.” “I mean, you know. I been to Hawaii. Hawaii is a nice place. Good music is made down there, ya know. So, yeah, I was there. I can’t say too much about that. I think everybody’s gonna be in for a big surprise. A very big surprise.”

Hawaii is, of course, the location widely reported to be the site where Kanye West has been recording his upcoming album, known currently as Good Ass Job.

Pusha T is currently recording his solo debut, in addition to The Fear of God mixtape. “I just feel like, you know, everybody’s waiting on it,” said Pusha of his solo release. “I think it’s time to expand the Re-Up Gang brand. The only way to do that is expand the music. Make the music more diverse. They been seeing the Clipse for a little while. We got our own different perspectives. Myself and Malice. It’s good. It’s good for us to do this and show the world just how our minds work.” (July 16)

UPDATE: Pharrell and N*E*R*D recently spoke to MTV News. The longtime backer of The Clipse, whose Star Trak imprint released three albums from the Virginia duo, spoke on the prospects of Pusha T going to another super-producer’s label. “I think it’s gonna be amazing,” said Pharrell. “He had been working with [Kanye West on Til’ The Casket Drops], and I told him, ‘Yo, you should [sign with him].’ ‘Cause we’ve made a lot of great records together, and we’ll continue to make records, but I want him to grow and get other experiences out in the world. He’s got to figure that out. He’s got to go out there and see it. Make no mistake, lyrically, that kid is one of the greats.”

The full interview is below: