Wu-Tang’s Raekwon continues to build on the hype garnered by his highly-successful Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Part II, as The Chef has hinted at high-profile collaborations with Eminem and Nas.

Via his Twitter account (@Raekwon), the Wu-Tang vet revealed that he met up with Eminem at the Frauenfeld Open Air Festival. “…just met my dude @eminem  today in switzerland, collabo gonna [happen] http://twitpic.com/23wgru.”

Rae explained that the two had a connection of which he was previously unaware. “We spoke for a few but he had a ill story he said when he was gettin on he came to staten for parkhill day in 97 and that blew my mind!”

The news didn’t stop there, as Raekwon added that he and Nas had some work to release with one another, despite the disappointment of not having the Queens emcee on Cuban Linx II. “Also seen my brother @nas tonight as well and theres alot more collabos in the works for us but also got some footage 4 yall!”