In a recent interview with MTV News, Royce Da 5’9″ spoke about his future plans with Shady Records – both as a member of Slaughterhouse and as a solo artist – in addition to his relationship with longtime partner-in-rhyme, Eminem.

“Em gave me all types of tracks. Dre beats,” explained Royce, who had a falling-out with Shady and Dre in the early 2000s. “Just because the paperwork ain’t done don’t mean we ain’t been working. We definitely been throwing ideas around. [Em] stressed he wants to have a lot of involvement in the project. We want him to be as involved as he wants to be. Anytime he runs an idea by me, I respect him so much, I’m down with it. If he gives me a beat, like, ‘Yo, y’all would sound ill on this,’ I’m going to record it. That’s pretty much what we been doing. He ain’t did no beats and gave me nothing yet, but he has given me a lot of beats from other producers.”

When asked whether he would sign onto Shady Records as a solo artist, Royce stressed that while he was open to the idea, his present focus is Slaughterhouse. “Man, I haven’t thought about it. After I put this next album out, I’m a free agent. So I’m sure it’s a possibility. But it’s not something we’re really thinking about right now. I’m gonna totally focus on the group, because I think [this] shit could be something special.”

Listen to the interview below: