Over the weekend, Snoop Dogg performed at the Wireless Festival in the UK. While the show received some critical praise, he also gained attention for his post-show celebration. According to a witness, the Doggfather reportedly held a women-only after party in London’s Merah. 

The Sun reported that a witness noticed more than 100 women in his VIP room.

“Snoop was in his element. He had his own room towards the back of the club and there must have been more than 100 women in there.”

“He had two huge security guards on the door who would not let any blokes anywhere near it. They were even turning away male staff who were ferrying all the champagne his way.”

The witness also added that security guards looked around the club for women Snoop would potentially be attracted to.

“Security kept their eyes open and if they saw any ladies they thought Snoop would approve of, they invited them in.”

The report also claims that Snoop only drank mineral water while still raking up quite a bill for champagne.

For Snoop, the trip to the UK was one that was made for his performance at the Wireless Festival. According to another witness, Snoop wasn’t too happy with “the size of his quarters,” until a few changes were made.

“Snoop was good natured backstage but wasn’t chuffed at the size of his quarters. A few quick modifications were made and he was then as good as gold.”

This was one of the first times the Dogg performed in the UK since he was allowed to re-enter the country earlier this year.