In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Dres of Black Sheep spoke briefly on the new Kia commercial that features hamsters rapping along to his song “The Choice Is Yours.” Interestingly enough, the rapper revealed that he has yet to be paid for the use of his song in the commercial.

“I wasn’t even contacted. I have yet to receive payment on it but don’t get it twisted, I will,” said Dres. “I’ve been talking to Kia for the past week or two so certain things might be done moving forward in maximizing what we’re trying to do. But Universal, the record label, was basically the ones that signed off on it and gave them permission to use my likeness so that’s a different story that might wind up having a life of itself as well.”

Aside from the Kia commercial Dres also spoke on carrying the Black Sheep name as a solo artist.

“I can still be one person and still be Black Sheep. Ideally, where my head is conceptually, I didn’t step away from the group,” Dres explained to Vibe. “The group is something that me and Lawnge built [but] he decided to do something else. I felt like it wouldn’t be in my advantage for me to step away from something just because he decided to. He decided he wanted to go solo and I respected him. I wished him the best. But if he decides he wants to do something again with both of us as Black Sheep then I’ll be down.”

Most recently, Dres released his solo album entitled From The Black Pool of Genius.