According to, Ice Cube‘s first album in two years, I Am The West will no longer be a summer release. The N.W.A. alum’s latest solo offering has appeared to have moved to September 24. The release is coming courtesy of Cube’s own Lench Mob Records, also home to his Westside Connection partner, WC.

I Am The West, according to Cube, will contain production from Dr. Dre. The rapper said he had also sorted through tracks by fellow west coast veterans Sir Jinx, E-A-Ski and DJ Quik. A first single and video, “I Rep That West” released in March, featuring new Suave House artist Jigg. (June 24)

UPDATE: Last week, via his blog, Cube confirmed the delays that were reported June 24. “I’ve been working my ass off trying to get it done for you but I ran out of time. The music is right but the paperwork isn’t and since I’m working with a few new producers the contracts are taking a little longer then usual, so I missed my turn-in date,” wrote the Rap superstar. Cube also revealed that fans can expect a leaked song a month until release date.

He did not mention September as the new official date, though retailers have been told that.