Pharell Williams decided to create some change after gaining inspiration from President Barack Obama. So, the start behind The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. launched K!, hoping to reach the youth with a positive message.

“If you’re somewhere between the age of 12 to 18 or 14 to 20, where are you getting your information from? What about the kid that’s deciding where he wants to go in his life? Where is he getting that from? We didn’t have anything that matched that demo and we didn’t have anything that matched that voice,” he recently told MTV.

Mimi Valdes, who was once editor of Vibe and Latina Magazine, is on board with the efforts.

“She understands the voice. It’s a colorless voice. That’s what this generation is, these kids are glass: They’re not black, white or purple. They’re human beings. They’re gonna be the deciders of the future, so we need to educate them and do it now.”

This site is centered around politics, environmental awareness, business, science, technology and fashion, games and sports. He said that while entertainment would be featured on the site, it would not be about gossip, but rather educational themes.

“If you see Rihanna on there, we’ll be asking her ‘What book are you reading?'”

With that in mind, the K!dult Youth Leadership conference will be held this Saturday, June 26, in New York at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Diggy Simmons, Valdes and Williams are some of the speakers scheduled to attend.