A private jet company entitled, Air Platinum Holding, is in the process of suing rapper Jay-Z because the Brooklyn rapper never fully paid for the 55 hours he spent on one of their jets back in 2009.

TMZ.com reports that Jay-Z only paid Air Platinum Holding for 37 hours of service on one of its private jets. Leaving Jay-Z with a total of $137,485.00 owed for the remaining 18 hours (that amount also includes international fees, taxes, and more).

Air Platinum Holding owner Mickael Cowen even explained to MiamiNewTimes.com last year that he would never allow Jay-Z to charter another one of his jets.

“I won’t fly Jay-Z ever again,” Cowen explained. “He owes me $200,000.”

TMZ attempted to reach a rep for Jay-Z for comment on the lawsuit, but their phone calls went unreturned.

Air Platinum Holding also made headlines last year when Cowen reportedly owed thousands of dollars to creditors, business partners, and former employees of the company.

(June 22, 2010)

UPDATE: Over a year-and-a-half since Air Platinum Holding announced its lawsuit against music mogul Jay-Z, the charges have now been dropped. TMZ.com confirmed the dismissed case. No reasons as to why have been given.

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