Presently due on August 24th, Compton super-star Game is putting the finishing touches on R.E.D. In a recent conversation with HipHopDX, the Aftermath Records star spoke about this album’s Los Angeles influence, particularly coming after 2008’s L.A.X. long-player. “The entire record, man,” declared Game, despite enlisting Virginia icon Pharrell Williams to co-executive produce the album alongside Compton Rap pioneer, Dr. Dre. “When you get this album, for the first three or four songs, you’re gonna feel like you’re somewhere, lost in 1994, man, in Los Angeles. After [that], it starts to brighten up. Then it goes back and gets hard, and then it lightens up again, and mellows out. That’s where Pharrell comes in. It was dope to have Dre and Pharrell on the same album, ’cause it could be a smooth roller-coaster ride. One long, nice ride on a new album.”

In November of last year, Game mentioned an R.E.D. song titled “Ricky.” The rapper would not confirm details of the song’s inspiration, but considered it a highlight within the album. Based on the comment section at DX, six months later, Game was asked if he could reveal whether the song was inspired by “Freeway” Ricky Ross or perhaps the character from John Singleton’s 1991 film, Boyz N’ The Hood. Game maintained the suspense, “Everybody can hear it. You can hear what it’s about [on the release date for R.E.D.] That’s when it’ll go down. It keeps everybody on ice. You’ll appreciate it more when you don’t know what the fuck Game is about to hit you with you.”

Game did add that “Ricky” is presently still slated to appear on R.E.D., due August 24th.

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