Speaking with Brooklyn Bodega, the borough’s own Skyzoo spoke about following up last year’s acclaimed proper debut, The Salvation. The Crown Heights emcee signed to Duck Down/Jamla Records, recently announced that he’ll be teaming up with New Jersey producer !llmind to release Live From The Tape Deck. The renaissance-minded release will have a barcode, and be one of many CDs within Duck Down’s 15th anniversary year, but Sky says it is not a true “album.”

“It’s not like The Salvation at all, not a lot of personal records,” explained S-K. “It’s leading up to the second album and is due out this fall. It’s not the second album; I know a lot of people are waiting on the that. It’s not the second album because I didn’t want to just rush out with another album right away. I really wanted the first album to resonate with people. I want the second album to be filled with different experiences and things and be able to talk about things that are going on.”

Skyzoo believes, as Guru once rhymed: experience is the best teacher. “I felt like I needed to live in order to have something to write about because I write about what I am living. However, we live in a blog world, here today gone today. So you have to keep your name on the blogs. With that being said, you gotta keep music out there. So the happy medium was ‘okay let’s put out a project to keep the buzz going and the fans lined up without it being a second album.’ The second album is going to be called A Dream Deferred and it’s going back to what The Salvation was.”

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Live From The Tape Deck is due this fall on Duck Down Records.