With Denzel Washington playing the lead role, American Gangster garnered a lot of attention. The film familiarized people with the life of Frank Lucas, a 1970’s heroin dealer. Recently, his wife, Julianna Farrait was arrested in a hotel in Puerto Rico after police say she tried to sell 2 kilograms of cocaine.

Yesterday, May 20, Farrait appeared in a court but did not say much. A judge will decide on whether she should be granted bail at a later date. For now, she has not been assigned an attorney from the public defender’s office and she has been charged with conspiracy to violate narcotics law. Farrait has not entered a plea as of yet.

This is not the first time Farrait finds herself in legal trouble. Back in 1975, when Frank Lucas was sentenced to 40 years in prison, Farrait served five years in the case.

According to The Daily Sentinel, a recorded conversation from earlier in May has Farrait allegedly speaking to an informant about having two kilograms of cocaine and added that there were eight more kilograms that another suspect had for potential buyers. This week, on May 19, Farrait met an informant at a hotel room and showed the drugs, which prompted DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agents to enter the room to arrest her.

The report also states that federal agents in New York have been trailing Farrait since February of 2009 with the assistance of an informant.

Director Ridley Scott’s American Gangster featured acting from RZA, T.I. and Common. The film also inpired Jay-Z to release an album by the same name.