As Game readies the release of his R.E.D. album, he took some time to sit in the studio with Yahoo! to shed light on a few topics. As the discussion began centered around rivalries he’s had with 50 Cent and Jay-Z, the opportunity allowed him to continue bashing or admit regret.

There was no real regret when he discussed his feud with Fif. The Compton emcee said he will probably continue taking shots at the Queens head of G-Unit.

“At this point in my career, it’s just pure comedy. If I shoot him out, it’s just going to be a few bars to make people laugh or something funny. But, I reserve the right to say something about him whenever I feel like for the rest of my life.”

When talk went to Beyonce, Game admitted that he may have gone too far with some lines.

“Maybe I stepped over the line because I listen to Beyonce’s music. My girl listens to Beyonce’s music. All girls do. So, when I did that, I got rained on by like, it was like a chick army at my next show. Plus, I didn’t really mean that much harm, man. It’s just Rap, man.”

Of course, his beef wasn’t exactly with Beyonce. He was truly taking shots at Jay for some time and this has come to an end. According to Game, he’s putting an end to the feud with Jigga.

“As far as Jay, he’s a good friend of Pharrell’s and he worked with Jay recently. I decided, along with [Dr.] Dre and Pharrell, that being at odds with him wasn’t beneficial to what we’re trying to do in the future, so later for that.”