Producer and business partner of late rapper Guru, Solar, recently spoke to Conspiracy Worldwide Hip Hop Radio to speak on the last days of Guru in a nearly 40-minute interview Friday evening.

The interview began with Solar speaking on Guru’s health and when they first learned of his illness.

“[He] was diagnosed about May. May of ‘09,” Solar revealed to Conspiracy Worldwide. “He took it hard, but at the same time we’ve always been of a different mind state. He’s a vegetarian. I’m a vegetarian. After he was able to quit alcohol and the lifestyle that he had before and got everything together he kinda believed in the power of Guru. If you know what I mean. And being a survivor of his career. So he took it hard, but at the same time we both right away looked at it as we can beat this. Plenty of people beat cancer and it seemed to be one of the more beatable forms of cancer.”

Solar also explained that he wanted Guru to take a more holistic, non-evasive approach to his illness but Guru instead opted for surgery which was not as successful as they had hoped.

The New York-based producer and 7 Grand Records co-founder spoke about several accounts that have been published in the media by Guru’s family members, former Jazzmatazz band members and former 7 Grand employee Tasha Denham. “These are from people that have no insight or knowledge on Guru’s and my relationship. They saw us on tour for a couple weeks, and that was it,” said Solar. “Guru was a fiercely independent person. When he got off the alcohol and changed his lifestyle, he changed his life completely.” The man added that, “They wouldn’t have said this while Guru was here…Guru was one of the strongest individuals I ever met in my life.” He added that the two were allies, not enemies, “Me and him fought side-by-side.” Solar even revealed, “Guru and I got locked up overseas for fighting – not each other.”

Then taking umbrage with the media, Solar said, “I’ve tried to have my people speak up and speak positively, but the [media], they’re not havin’ that. That doesn’t make money.” Referring to numerous interviews and rumors, the producer asserted,  “These are just cowards takin’ cheap-shots at a man that’s not here anymore.”

He continued, claiming that Guru’s legacy is jeapordized by this negative publicity. “These are just [outright] lies aimed at me. But at the same time, you’re attacking me, but what is it saying about Guru?”

When the Conspiracy Worldwide hosts mentioned accounts of Solar physically abusing Guru, including punches to the face, Solar countered, “Where’s the witnesses? Where’s the police reports?” 

The 40 minute interview can be streamed here.