With the release of his much-anticipated mixtape Kush & Orange Juice gaining a large wave of approval from fans a few weeks back, rapper Wiz Khalifa has proven he is an artist worthy of all the praise coming from major Hip Hop websites and magazines.

In an interview with Complex.com, the Pittsburgh-native talked about his recent work with super producer Jim Jonsin, as well as his unlikely open friendship with his mom.

While Wiz Khalifa prefers to work with his in-house crew of producers, he recently linked up Jim Jonsin in Miami to lay down a handful of possible tracks for his new album. “With Jim, he don’t really like smoke. He doesn’t mind smokers but he doesn’t like the smell. So like every five minutes I’d have to go away. I got to smoke by the pool and the hot tub. We was in Miami on a resort type thing, me and my homies, so we drinking Bombay and lemonade, coolin’. Working with Jim was great. I got like six songs done with him.”

Not one to hide his glazed eyes and overtly relaxed smile, the Pittsburgh emcee claims he started smoking marijuana in his early teens. However, when he got caught by his mom, the end results didn’t play out like you would expect. “I got in trouble for it and I thought weed was bad for a minute, but then I started smoking everyday! So when I was like 15 she found out. She wasn’t mad about it. She was just like, “If you gonna be smokin’ give me some, nigga [laughs]!” Asked if he’s ever smoked with his mom before, Khalifa confessed, “I will get my ass beat if I don’t smoke with her [laughs].”

You can read the full interview here.

In other news, Declaime (aka Dudley Perkins) will be releasing his most recent album FONK on May 4.

With a collaborative project already released this year with Georgia Anne Muldrow called SomeOthaShip, Declaime’s latest work features full production assistance from Quazedelic, a straight disciple of funk legend George Clinton. Bringing a west coast funk-feel to match his unorthodox lyrical rhyme scheme, Declaime explained, “I made the music with a simpler context, this way my message of positivity can now reach a wider audience.”

Declaime’s FONK will be released through his and Muldrow’s own label SomeOthaShip Connect.