Elektra Records has announced that rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green will be releasing his solo album, Lady Killer, through the label later this year.

In the meantime, fans of the eccentric Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley member can check out his single “Georgia” when it’s released on May 11.

Cee-Lo and Elektra Records have yet to announce an official release date for what will be Cee Lo’s first solo album in over five years. Lady Killer will feature production from Salaam Remi, Jack Splash, and Fraser T. Smith.

In other Hip Hop news, iconic rapper KRS-One has decided to boycott the newly-opened National Museum of Hip Hop located in the Bronx.

“The reason that it’s not going to happen is because Afrika Bambaataa has said this event is illegitimate and should not happen,” said KRS-One at an event last week, reports BallerStatus.com. “None of the pioneers are in support of this event. None of them will be here tonight. I am here on behalf of the Temple of Hip-Hop as an observer. We are observing.”

KRS-One was initially on board to help with the creation and opening of the National Museum of Hip Hop, but left the project when he realized they were taking a route he didn’t approve of. KRS-One also stated at last weeks event that both he and Afrika Bambaataa will create their own museum.

“We have been trying to start a hip-hop museum for over 20 years,” KRS-One added. “In fact, it was Afrika Bambaataa that came up with the idea. However, most of the people who have been behind the hip-hop museum idea seem to always create groups without addressing the pioneers themselves.”