When people heard Ja Rule for the first time they usually thought one thing, ‘he sounds like DMX.’ Others didn’t say it so politely and thought that Ja Rule was straight jocking DMX’s style. Apparently, DMX is one of those people. Over the years DMX has made some subliminal comments about it but didn’t really get into it because him and Ja Rule came up together and were friends.

Things have changed and DMX is going to let everyone know it. “I got some shit man, they trying to stop me from doing this song called ‘Ruled Out.’ DMX said in a Chicago studio. “Everybody in here don’t want me to do it – they whinning – but I’m gonna do it.” When asked about their similar styles DMX said, “It’s not like I’m the only one thinking about this. Niggas ask me about this shit everyday. So what I’m gonna do? Sit here and do nothing about this shit? That ain’t right. I could see if the nigga talked like that regularly. How I talk is how I rap.”

Part of the problem is that the success has gone to Ja Rule’s head and DMX says that he is not the same person he once was. DMX said that the falling out came at a club, “We up in the club in LA, one night, he got his people, I got my people. We at opposite sides of the club. Me, out of respect – that’s my nigga – take two people with me to get through the crowd. I take a bottle of liquor over there and have a couple of drinks with my nigga, cause that’s how I am. Two weeks later we happened to be in the same club. Same circumstances. Some kid walks over to me and says ‘Ja says he is over there.’ I’m like ‘Aight, is he gonna come over?’ ‘Nah, he said come over there.’ Get the fuck out of here man, I already extended my hand once. Give me the same courtesy. You can’t do the same as me? I sent him right back over there. You’d think Ja would come over here after all that. Nothin!’ I’m like, “fuck you.”