With the release of Donwill’s album Don Cusack in High Fidelity finally upon us, the Tanya Morgan group member spoke to DX about the idea behind the album, as well as his favorite comedians.

As no stranger to making “all-time” lists, the Cincinnati emcee spotlighted the group of comedians that have him rolling on the floor these days. “Right now Patton Oswalt is one of them. Eddie Murphy, of course. Like, a comedian such as Richard Pryor is someone you had to have a connection to. I had that with Eddie. Let’s see, Wyatt Cenac. Jerry Seinfeld is also one of them; I’m a fan of that dry comedy. I think Kevin James might beat out Janeane Garofalo because Kevin is pretty damn funny. I almost forgot Aziz Ansari! Aziz is fucking hilarious, but his character on Parks & Recreation is genius. I love that character.”

Moving along, Donwill explained how the initial idea for Don Cusack in High Fidelity came about. “It’s one of those things where a lot of my ideas come from discussions with Tanya Morgan, and Von Pea and I were sitting around saying, ‘It would be cool for somebody to do a soundtrack for a movie.’ It was an idea that I was hell bent on finishing. I conceived it, and it went through all these different mutations and went from being just a simple five song EP to being a full-length album.”

He continued, “In theory, I took the idea as far as I could. But if you follow me as a solo artist I don’t necessarily do normal albums. The project I did before this album was Suburban Sprawl and that shit was adventurous and daring for the time.”

While his recent work has rightfully been focused on Don Cusack, listeners can expect to hear more music from him throughout the year. “I got another idea for another project that I’ll probably start working on shortly. I don’t know if it would be something a label would be interested in, but it will come.”

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