It’s been almost two years since Detroit’s D12 have collectively released an album. While 2008’s Dirty Dozen was the group’s first to showcase them without the marquee attraction of Eminem or their late co-founder Proof, Bizarre explained how the respective members have been using their time apart.

While on tour in Canada promoting his Friday Night At St. Andrew’s album, Bizarre called in to the “Conspiracy Worldwide” radio show to address all things D12.

“We’re still recording the third album, and we just finished a song on Relapse 2 for Marshall’s album,” Bizarre said via phone. Tentatively titled “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” Bizarre says the collaboration shows that despite major losses such as the death of co-founding member Proof, nothing can keep the group down.

“We’re still family, but everybody’s got their own situations going on,” he added. “No matter what y’all do, you can’t hold D12 down. We’ve been through a lot of shit, but we’re still gonna come back and recover.”

Bizarre reinforced that thought when explaining how members of D12 ended up on Canibus diss track aimed at Eminem entitled Air Strike

“That was definitely a big misunderstanding,” Bizare said. “We did a feature for an artist from Indiana, and I guess some kind of way Canibus got hold of the vocals. He made his own song out of it and made it seem like we was a part of the song. We don’t know Canibus, and we don’t want to know Canibus..fuck him. We’ve been beefing with rappers our whole careers, and we’re trying to get away from that.”

Bizarre’s upcoming Friday Night At St. Andrew’s is scheduled to be released May 11. There are currently no release dates scheduled for the forthcoming D12 album or Eminem’s Relapse 2.