Hip Hop legend Ice Cube has revealed his upcoming album, I Am the West, via his blog.

I AM THE WEST…is the name of my new record. After completing about 65% of my music, this is the perfect title,” wrote the Compton native.

Cube indicated he’d be returning to his roots for the album, as well as giving an approximate release date. “This shit is cocky, no apologies, west coast gangsta shit. I can’t help it. That’s what I do. June seems too tight for a release, but July is very doable. We’ll see how things go. Now that I have my title, I can work on the concept of my photoshoot and artwork. I want to provide early merch before the drop date.”

Finally, Ice Cube expressed his commitment to an authentic west coast sound, rather than pandering to other markets. “For seven or eight years now the west coast has been trying to do music that appeals to the south and midwest. The words, ‘too west coast’ would be heard throughout the industry whenever our music was played. Even by our own [deejays]. Left coast emcees were now trying to change their sound to cater to all the followers. We lost our way. Thank God for b-boys like Snoop [Dogg], The Game and WC for keeping the West alive, but we were all guilty of over reaching. No more. At least not from me. I do it how I feel it; not how I think it should be done. Radio fucked us up. I hate the politics at radio. I don’t know who to pay to get my shit played. Having a hot song is not enough. Ridiculous.”

Ice Cube’s last album was 2008’s Raw Footage.