Brooklyn, NY-based raunchy rapper Foxy Brown is finally about to re-enter the rap arena with a new album, appropriately titled Broken Silence. Industry movers and shakers and journalists were on hand at New York’s National Recording Center to get a sneak preview of the June 5th Def Jam release. Foxy, who was away filming a movie in Los Angeles, could not make the event.
Broken Silence, Foxy’s most personal and street oriented album to date, is the female rapper’s first album since 1998’s disappointing Chyna Doll. During Foxy’s time away from the industry spotlight she has been plagued by rumors of drug abuse, having an affair with DMX and running a public feud with rival rapper Lil’ Kim.

Some of the tracks played at the listening party event included “A Letter,” an introspective cut in which she discusses her closely guarded drug overdose on ecstasy last year, the hardcore reggae influenced “Oh Yeah,” and the Neptunes produced dance pop cut “Candy” (featuring Kelis). On several tracks Foxy disses Lil’ Kim calling the cosmetically enhanced sex-pot a “Barbie doll” and firing off the Jay-Z line “she’s alright, but she’s not real.”

Other songs include the Neptunes street banger “Gangsta Boogie,” and the underground track “BK Anthem,” an ode to Foxy’s Brooklyn hometown, which is already enjoying airplay on New York radio stations. Aside from the Neptunes, newcomers produced most of Broken Silence as Foxy’s brother Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand executive produced the project. “This album was made for the streets so we wanted to make it harder,” Pretty Boy told the packed house of the upcoming release. A video for “Oh Yeah” is scheduled to be shot in Jamaica on May 4th.

Foxy first struck platinum with her 1996 debut LP, Ill Na Na.