While at the NBA All-Star Game in Dallas, rapper Jay-Z talked to MTV about his upcoming plans to shoot more music videos for Blueprint 3 and the possibility of a new album.

“I wanna shoot ‘Venus vs. Mars’. I may shoot two. I shot ‘Run This Town’ [and ‘D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune)’]. I been shooting two at the same time. I’ll probably shoot ‘Venus’ and maybe ‘A Star Is Born.’ But I definitely wanna shoot ‘Venus’. I got an amazing concept in my mind.”

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Jay also talked about “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)” with Rihanna and members of U2 performed for the “Hope For Haiti Now” telethon. “The number is ridiculous as far as the [money generated by the Hope For Haiti Now] album. I’m excited about the whole effort we put into the telethon. It’s helping real people through a real tough time, and we’ll just move on from there.”

Blueprint 3 will not be his last album. Jay is already talking about ideas and tracks for a new album. “I didn’t really start yet. I got a couple of scraps and I got a couple of ideas. I didn’t really go into the studio yet. I’ve been toying with ideas and direction and things like that”, he added, “I got one crazy record. To be honest with you, it’s crazy. I got one and we’ll build from there. Whether it comes out this year or next year, it depends on the music and how it’s coming out. I don’t really have any dates.”