If you span Los Angeles’ deejay scene throughout the last 20 years, two of the premier names you’ll find are Arabian Prince and Cut Chemist. The former, an original N.W.A. affiliate is responsible for pioneering the style presently used in several Black Eyed Peas hits. The latter, a former member of Jurassic 5, is regarded as one of the true record historians and top 45 collectors. The duo will be joined by DJ M. Walk, a onetime KDAY mixmaster.

Delicious Vinyl Records, responsible for hit albums from The Pharcyde, Masta Ace & The Inc. and Tone-Loc is sponsoring the event. Held at Freak City on Sunset Boulevard, the event runs from 3pm to 6pm on Saturday, February 20, 2010.

The All Stars DJ Workshop is FREE to enter for all those that RSVP info@rephlektorink.com.

UPDATE: Cut Chemist released a statement to HipHopDX reacted to this charity event: “The deejay workshop was incredible. The kids really got to see many different styles of deejaying. [Kid Frost producer] Tony G, M. Walk and Arabian Prince are some of the worlds finest deejays whom I had the pleasure of listening to in the mid ’80s. I was excited to see first hand there technique, which I admit to have taken from and made apart of my style.

Because of this, I felt that it was a good line up sice I could demonstrate how I take elements of their style and apply it to mine along with visulas. This gave the audience another demension of how deejaying could be applied in a multi-media presentation. This let them see that all formats, CD, computer software, DVD and vinyl could all be considered. This is imporatant to me since I feel that the discriminating of formats could be limiting and that one shouldn’t do that.

I also tried to give them an example of different musical backgrounds which is also important to take notice to. There’s lots of music out there and it all can be flipped into a deejay performance.

I’ve done a lot of workshops in the past and I have to say that this was one of the better ones. It showed diversity and history within the deejay culture which are two very important elements and should never be overlooked. I look forward to see what seed this workshop may have been planted for potential up in coming deejays.”

Arabian Prince added, “The Delicious Vinyl DJ Workshop was off the hook, where else could you get the best deejays in the world spinning the best sets and spitting deejay knowledge that is usually kept quiet to those that attended the event. If you missed it in house or live online you should not miss the next one, big shouts to Cut Chemist, Tony G, and M-Walk!.”

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