Contrary to rumors circulating about last Tuesday’s Statik Selektah 100 Proof release party at New York’s S.O.B.’s lounge, eye witnesses contacted HipHopDX clarified the publicized altercation between Freddie Foxxx a/k/a Bumpy Knuckles and a guest seen with Smif n’ Wessun. Although many sites had labeled the veteran Long Island emcee as an instigator in the incident, two eye-witnesses claimed that the unidentified man was acting in misconduct both behind stage and on the microphone.

“He was jumping into artist interviews, and criticizing the state of New York Hip Hop among some of the emcees that had single-handedly represented the city,” a witness told DX, who asked to remain nameless. Performing acts included Styles P, Freeway, Sean Price, Termanology, REKS, and Smif n’ Wessun. The culprit interrupted one performance by taking a microphone, though the witness was unaware of which act. “I don’t know if he was drunk, but he was talking recklessly about New York Rap, and also claiming that everybody needed to tuck in their jewels or he and his boys would take them.”

Among the rappers he was disrespecting, per the accounts, was Freddie Foxxx. After a calm verbal exchange between the two, the man grew belligerent to the emcee known for his hand-skills. Foxxx asked the man to refrain from putting his hands in the rapper’s face. After the argument elevated, Freddie struck the man, who began bleeding, fell, and promptly attempted retaliation. The reports also allege that in the retaliation, the man attempted to use a sharpened screw-driver to stab Freddie Foxxx. The rapper averted the stabbing and confiscated the weapon from the man, after further restraining him. The parties then separated.

No one has spoken of the incident since in a public forum. The only mention came from Freddie Foxxx. “That Was An Unfortunate Incident That Happened At SOB’s Last Night. I didn’t want it to go there. I hope he is ok,” he posted on Wednesday on his Twitter (@BumpyKnuckles).

Although the rapper did not wish to speak to HipHopDX in detail about the incident, he confirmed the witness reports, and added that he did not appreciate some of the media’s blame. The other party has yet to speak publicly.