After we dropped major news last week about Nas possibly signing to Irv Gotti’s record label, I thought that would be the next news I write about (that it was a done deal). But everything doesn’t work out, as we like. Apparently for Vita, things have not been working out as she liked. After spending two years as the only female rapper on “the world’s most talented record label”, Vita is said to be no longer associated with Murder Inc. According to reports on, Vita has decided to end her ties with the Inc., for reasons that have yet to be identified.

Vita had allegedly been sign to the murderous record label as a favor to big time movie and music video director Hype Williams, who gave Vita a small role in is movie “Belly”. Vita was to have dropped her first solo album “La Vita Dolce” (The Good Life) later this year. No word as to whether the signing of Ashanti and Charli Baltimore, both of whom have been well received, played any part in her decision to leave.