According to a press release, rapper Ice Cube’s documentary on the NFL football team the Raiders has finally been given a premiere date.

The documentary, which is entitled Straight Outta L.A., will be a part of sports network ESPN’s 30 For 30 series, a documentary series that will feature 30 films in honor of ESPN’s 30th anniversary. Ice Cube’s documentary will premiere on May 4, 2010.

Straight Outta L.A. was created to show the correlation between the Raiders’ move to Los Angeles and Hip Hop and culture in the city.

“The music, lyrics and images that I created with N.W.A. as a solo artist and as an actor helped turn the Raiders into something more than a football team,” Ice Cube said in a statement last year. “It’s been 21 years since we released ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ but to this day, kids all over the world buy Raiders gear, imitate the ‘Gangster Rap’ style and try to connect with the South Central L.A. vibe that we brought to the masses.”

ESPN’s 30 For 30 series will also include The Sixteenth Man a documentary by actor Morgan Freeman as well as a number of other documentary’s created by well known athletes, actors, and more.