Young Buck seems to change his mind on a weekly basis, as the former G-Unit rapper has now asked for a face-to-face sit-down with 50 Cent, after having recently dissed him.

Mr. Curtis can only hold me for so long,” said Buck of his former employer in an interview with DJ Scream. “Eventually he’s gotta come to some type of terms of negotiations. I haven’t spoke to 50 in three years. I done did every thing you could do, called the nigga’s phone to having lawyers reach out. I really just want to have a sit-down with this nigga, eye to eye.

Buck made it clear that the forum on which they had the discussion didn’t matter. “[We can do it] personally or on ESPN, BET, MTV, wherever he wanna do this shit, I just really want to look at this shit in his eyes and see how this nigga really feels and how he’s going about handling me because I’m a real nigga and this is something that 50 does though. Every one of them G-Unit niggas know how I get down. Period. Ain’t no bullsh*t…

Buck may have some difficulty getting 50 in the same room as him, however, as he released a diss towards 50 Cent, titled “Finish What You Start,” just over a week ago. On the track, Buck implies that either 50, G-Unit or both are jealous of him.