One of Jay-Z‘s strengths has always been his ability to walk a fine line in his lyrics. While many more rappers have “taken shots at Jigga” than the converse, Jay-Z’s own digs at his peers date back to the ’90s.

Today the staff at has compiled a history, “Shots Fired? Jay-Z’s Sneakiest Dis Lines.” The piece evaluates various Jay-Z lines, from album cuts, freestyles, appearances and more. Potential targets include debatable advances on Jayo Felony and Lil Wayne to more obvious addresses to Dame Dash, Cam’ron and Nas.

For example, looking at 2009’s “Reminder,” The staff looked at the lyrics, “Now everybody’s senile on me / Throwbacks, I threw ‘em back, remember those, button-ups? Young Hov, tell them ordinary Joes button up.” They deduced that the second bar may have been a slight to onetime Jay critic Joe Budden.

There are over 25 in all, read the piece here.