Earlier Tuesday afternoon, Karen Civil broke the news that Pill signed a deal with Warner/Asylum. Things had gone particularly well for the Atlanta native in 2009, after having his music embraced by such outlets as the Los Angeles Times, MTV and of course, HipHopDX. After a quick conversation with Pill and his manager Derek Schklar, HipHopDX has confirmed that the deal is official.

“I wanted to get with somebody who has a stronghold on urban radio and marketing,” Pill explained. “They actually get it. You don’t see many major labels that are able to bring out a new artist, put them in the public eye and keep them in the public eye.”

So what was the deciding factor which caused Pill to join the Asylum family? Schklar said the indie powerhouse respected Pill and himself not only as artist and manager, but more importantly as businessmen.

“Most labels make you fend for yourself and they’ll put you on the back burner, because they have some huge R&B singer on the label too,” Pill added. “Nowadays you build your buzz, a label jumps behind you and you keep going. I just felt that they were the perfect situation for me to keep things going.”

After shouting out Todd Moscowitz and Joey I.E., both Pill and Schklar revealed that the courtship from Asylum has been a lengthy one.

“They got at me first. [Asylum] hollered at me about 45 minutes after ‘Trap Goin’ Ham’ hit the Internet. They been on me for a minute! They believed in me from day one, and we’ve just been back and forth since. I respected that. I’m gonna do me. [Derek] and I are gonna put our heads together, come up with a big plan and then let them do what they do best.”

After stressing the importance of creative control while still unsigned, Pill says the Asylum deal will provide the freedom he was looking for. The option for either an EP or another mixtape remains available, as he stated his hope to capitalize off of and increase the buzz created by the two mixtapes from 2009. Pill’s debut album, which is currently untitled, has a tentative release date for the summer of 2010.