With the recent incident involving Amazon.com and the accidental early release of hundreds of copies of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album, another pushback for the album would seem almost laughable.

But according to DigitalMusicNews.com the album has in fact been pushed back yet again. Instead of February 2, fans will have to wait until summer for the album.

Ironically, Amazon.com no longer has the Rebirth album on its site although a listing on Walmart.com has the album listed for a June 22, 2010 release date. A June 22 release date would mean that Rebirth has been delayed for well over a year now.

A fusion of both Hip Hop and rock, Rebirth was first announced by Lil Wayne back in October 2008 and the first single off of Rebirth, “Prom Queen,” was released in January 2009.

And just last month online retailer Amazon.com accidentally released 500 copies of Rebirth well before its scheduled release date. They claimed it was a “shipping mishap.”

Lil Wayne nor a representative for the rapper have revealed why the album has been pushed back yet again.