Hip Hop mogul Diddy is in the process of suing the landlords of the building his New York City Sean John flagship store is located in for quite a hefty amount of money.

According to TMZ.com, the lawsuit stems from a scaffolding that was placed in front of the store and left there for quite some time. And lawyers are claiming that the scaffolding, which “substantially obstructed the view of the clothing and furnishings displayed in the ground floor windows,” cost the company a lot of money in potential sales.

Lawyers are even claiming that the scaffolding caused a whopping 50 percent drop in Sean John sales at the retail store and as a result they are suing for $2.5 million.

Sean John lawyers also revealed that the scaffolding was put up way back in 2006 and was just left there. 

Created in 1998, Sean John clothing has prided itself on “well-made, sophisticated fashion forward clothing” for over a decade now.