Shortly after finishing a 14-year prison sentence former drug kingpin “FreewayRicky Ross [click to read] revealed that one of the first people to reach out to him was rapper 50 Cent.

Ross [click to read] revealed this and more in an interview with AllHipHop Radio’s Eric B. And Friends radio show on October 26.

50 Cent called me the day I got out and let me know if there was anything I needed to just let him know,”
said Ross during his interview. “I don’t know how he got my cell but the morning I got out he called me and expressed his support.”

And according to Ross [click to read], he has yet to hear from Miami rapper Rick Ross although he has in fact heard from rapper Freeway since his release from prison in September of this year.

Freeway reached out and told me anything I needed he had me but Rick Ross, he hasn’t reached out to me as of yet,”
said Ross in a radio interview with Charlamagne Tha God. “That’s not saying he won’t reach out one day. But as of right now, he hasn’t reached out.”

In his various interviews, Ross made it known that he has a number of projects in the works including four movies (one with comedian Mike Epps) and his own record label.

“I am more prepared now than I ever have been before in my life,”
Ross explained on AllHipHop Radio. “I took all my prior experiences and I’ve been able to flip them into this legitimate world. I’ve transformed my drug experiences into legitimate business.”