According to the New York Times, producer Paula Wagner is working with JosephRunSimmons, DarrylDMCMcDaniels, and the family of JasonJam Master JayMizell to create a musical based on the musical career of Hip Hop legends Run-DMC [click to read].

Not only will the musical feature classic tracks from Run-DMC [click to read], but Simmons and McDaniels are also planning on creating new music for the project.

“Their lyrics and their music is infectious,”
Paula Wagner told the New York Times. “It’s vibrant, it’s alive. Who they are and what they did was a culturally defining moment. It embraced everybody.”

A graduate of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, Wagner has served as an agent and a producer and has even had several of her own plays published.

“Their work speaks to everybody and the story of their rise to fame is innately theatrical,”
said Wagner.

From their humble beginnings in Hollis, Queens Run DMC [click to read] have created quite the legacy. Their records have sold millions and earlier this year they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.