Ice Cube‘s remarks about AI in music during a recent interview have seemingly riled up a Twitter troll, but the L.A. rap legend was quick to shut them down.

On Wednesday (May 24), Cube took to Twitter to address a comment from a troll who called the rapper out for being hypocritical regarding AI in music, but had no problem sampling.

The rapper quote tweeted their post and quickly pointed out the major difference between AI-inspired vocals and sampling music, explaining that the latter is “totally different” since samples are typically approved or denied by the song owners, whereas artificial vocals don’t need permission.

“Samples are approved or denied by the song owners. Totally different than taking a dead artist and making a new song they never approved and saying things they may not agree with. That’s evil and demonic to me,” Ice Cube tweeted.

The troll’s comments were in reference to Cube’s recent appearance on the Full Send podcast, during which he expressed his displeasure with technology in Hip Hop, including autotune and AI, the latter of which he called “demonic.”

“I think AI is gonna get a backlash from real people, real organic people,” he continued. “I think artists need to go back to using their real voice, and making sure people know this is authentic, and not made from a computer.”

Ice Cube Claims He Has Best Diss Song Of All Time: 'It's Not Even Close'

Ice Cube Claims He Has Best Diss Song Of All Time: 'It's Not Even Close'

In other related news, Ice Cube finally broke his silence on the long-running conspiracy theory that Suge Knight was responsible for Eazy-E’s death by injecting the late N.W.A legend with AIDS.

Cube addressed the urban legend during an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, where co-host Mike Majlak quizzed the rap veteran about the murky allegations. Hesitant to lend credence to the theory, Cube asked several questions of his own in an attempt to dig deeper into the authenticity of the story.

“How would [Suge] do that?” Cube asked. “And Eazy would never tell anybody that?”

“No, I mean, Eazy didn’t even know,” Majlak countered. “‘Cause you just poke somebody, like, and they don’t even know. Maybe they were at a club or some shit.”

Still skeptical, Cube replied: “Nah, I think if somebody poke you with one of them goddamn needles, you know. You know. I mean, I’m just saying… just say this happened, Eazy would tell somebody, ‘This muthafucka poked me with some shit!’”