GloRilla has reacted to Money Man name-dropping her in his new song “Saweetie,” and she’s not a fan of what she heard.

The track appeared on Money’s latest album Red Eye, which he dropped earlier in March.

“Skinny bitch inside my DMs, she remind me of GloRilla / I had drew down on a fan, but he only wanted a picture,” Money Man raps, commenting on the “F.T.F” rapper’ slender figure.

Big Glo took to Twitter when the bar reached her ears, and asked fans to help identify the culprit behind the unflattering rhyme.

“Skinny bihh in my DM, she reminds me of GloRilla,” a fan wrote, causing the 23-year-old to clap back, “Hey guys, what song is this??????????? I hate it.”

The unsavory rhyme is just the latest bit of drama to befall the Memphis rapper and comes after she was threatened with a potential lawsuit for airing out talent agent Rico Owens, writing on her Instagram Stories at the time that she doesn’t know who Owens is and that interested parties shouldn’t try to book her through him.

“They do not work for me! Haven’t worked for me in 5 months!!!! Don’t know try to book or reach me through them,” GloRilla wrote.

Owens ended up responding to Big Glo’s accusations via an Instagram Story of his own, warning her that a lawsuit was incoming due to her damaging accusation.

Lil Durk Thanks GloRilla For FaceTiming His Daughter

Lil Durk Thanks GloRilla For FaceTiming His Daughter

“Lawsuit on the way fasho, we never booked a show that you didn’t get the price you charged @glorillapimp I GOT ALL THE RECEIPTS,” Owens wrote, tagging The Neighborhood Talk.

Unfortunately for GloRilla, this isn’t the only potential lawsuit she may have to deal with in the coming weeks. The “Tomorrow 2” star and Finesse2Tymes are facing legal action in connection to a deadly stampede at their recent show in Rochester, New York that left three women dead.

Per TMZ, the family of Brandy Miller — who was killed in the immediate aftermath of the tragic incident — has been speaking with their lawyers and exploring what legal options are at their disposal.

Michelle Miller, the woman’s sister, informed TMZ that the family will likely sue the concert venue Main Street Armory and the promoters who organized the event, as well as the two rappers.

ABC News originally reported that concert-goers believed shots had been fired inside the venue, which led to a panicked crowd rush that injured 10 people.

Rochester Police responded at 11:05 p.m. based on initial reports of gunshots, but didn’t find anyone with injuries consistent with bullet wounds. An investigation is ongoing to determine whether a gun had actually been fired inside the venue.

The “F.N.F.” rapper took to Twitter to address the tragedy shortly after, writing at first: “I’m just now hearing about what happened wtf [teary sad face emojis] praying everybody is ok [prayer hands emojis].”

She later returned with a longer message, saying: “I am devastated & heartbroken over the tragic deaths that happened after Sunday’s show. My fans mean the world to me [teary sad face emoji] praying for their families & for a speedy recovery of everyone affected [prayer hands emoji].”